Sunday, June 14, 2009


Outside my sons store, in Port Coquitlam, they have a car show
every year - it attracts about 400 great show cars - from almost stock to
some really wild examples - wonderful creations in chrome, steel and paint..
I just love the shinny cars.... the power and gleam.. art in cars at its best..
or is it cars as art???

This is one BIG V8 ..
Old Packard - flying lady...

Very new PT Cruiser - with a wonderful paint job...

Smile ....

Red at its best

Red really seems to be popular - it just shows so
good !!!
Black Beauty

and Beauty on Bikes were there too !!


Kati said...

Wow Paul, that HD is really something - great shots! I'll have to try this one for myself.

- Kati

Kati said...

Wow Paul, this HD is a wonderful thing - grest shots! I really must try this myself:))

- Kati

Sarah B said...

the shaw tower photo is very cool. very moody :)