Thursday, April 23, 2009

Tulameen Valley Feb 09

I went on a weeks trip to an area called Tulameen ... and would do it
all over again...
Tulameen is a small recreational community in B C, Canada,
about 20 kilometres northwest of the town of Princeton
on the Crowsnest Highway (Hwy 3), and about 185 kilometres
east from the city of Vancouver, British Columbia.
Located at the south end of Otter Lake and just north of the
Tulameen River, it is on the lee side of the Canadian Cascades
mountain range and enjoys a slightly semi-arid climate,
sheltered from the heavy rains of the lower mainland.
It was a fantastic trip and here is what I came home with.......

Smile and the world smiles with you.. certainly worked
for me.. there we were driving along and saw this lovely
old barn - so we stopped to take a picture .. and here came
6 beautiful Pyrenean dogs- barking and fussing and this
one special guy.. he just lay down in the snow and performed
... what a treat

How can you not love them...

This is the barn that led to us meeting the big dogs

Old rail car was left here .. for the future..
Some days we had real big snow storms..
... and the next the sky was blue..

We visited the pioneer graveyard above Princeton.. what a lovely
place in winter - everything covered in a thick blanket of pure
white undistrubed snow.. just the headstones and some very cold
baby angels...

And crosses..

The view over to the trees from the lodges window seat...

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