Friday, October 16, 2009

October 16th 2009

Today I spoke with someone who I have admired for close on 32 years .. today I spoke with Freeman Patterson - Yes the Photographer. In my position as an Executive Member of the Langley Camera Club I was trying to set up a visit to BC by Freeman to do some workshops. He has agreed in principle and we hope to set up firm dates in 2010.. I look forward too that!! I encourage all to read his books .. they were an inspiration too me many years ago.. and still are...

Here are a few pictures I have done lately - hope you enjoy them as much as I did making them

good & evil - ottawa

what a singer - karren

in the mists of the mountains

fort langley ferry slip - is closed

cats eyes

2 storks in pitt meadows

cows in the field

boats at old fort langley ferry slip

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

A Trip to Likely

Daisy Fields

Wild Daisys in 100 Mile House

Blue Daises??

Wild Flowers

Aspens on the way at Chasm

Moose Jaw at Likely
Wild Flowers Near Horsefly

Single Flower in Quenel Forks

One White One

Flowers at Grave in Quenel Forks
All the above noted pictures were taken on a trip to the Cariboo / Chilcotin area of Northern British Columbia Canada - what a great place to visit - the flowers were wonderful and the scenery outstanding.. Some of these pictures are manipulated and changed a little with the HDR program and others are straight out of my camera.. I would go back there in an instant - its a beautiful place and the people we met were very friendly.. the only drawback was the Mosquitoes - I was 2lbs lighter by the time I got back to Lower Mainland!!!!

SOME HDR ...........

Swans at Deroche

Cruise Ship Terminal - Vancouver

Shaw Tower - Vancouver

The journey continues with the HDR worked pictures - recently I have been trying my hand at re-doing "older" pictures using the HDR program ... surprising results and the more one does the more the program is understood.. This IS fun !!! Hope you like the results...

Sunday, June 14, 2009


Outside my sons store, in Port Coquitlam, they have a car show
every year - it attracts about 400 great show cars - from almost stock to
some really wild examples - wonderful creations in chrome, steel and paint..
I just love the shinny cars.... the power and gleam.. art in cars at its best..
or is it cars as art???

This is one BIG V8 ..
Old Packard - flying lady...

Very new PT Cruiser - with a wonderful paint job...

Smile ....

Red at its best

Red really seems to be popular - it just shows so
good !!!
Black Beauty

and Beauty on Bikes were there too !!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Tulameen Valley Feb 09

I went on a weeks trip to an area called Tulameen ... and would do it
all over again...
Tulameen is a small recreational community in B C, Canada,
about 20 kilometres northwest of the town of Princeton
on the Crowsnest Highway (Hwy 3), and about 185 kilometres
east from the city of Vancouver, British Columbia.
Located at the south end of Otter Lake and just north of the
Tulameen River, it is on the lee side of the Canadian Cascades
mountain range and enjoys a slightly semi-arid climate,
sheltered from the heavy rains of the lower mainland.
It was a fantastic trip and here is what I came home with.......

Smile and the world smiles with you.. certainly worked
for me.. there we were driving along and saw this lovely
old barn - so we stopped to take a picture .. and here came
6 beautiful Pyrenean dogs- barking and fussing and this
one special guy.. he just lay down in the snow and performed
... what a treat

How can you not love them...

This is the barn that led to us meeting the big dogs

Old rail car was left here .. for the future..
Some days we had real big snow storms..
... and the next the sky was blue..

We visited the pioneer graveyard above Princeton.. what a lovely
place in winter - everything covered in a thick blanket of pure
white undistrubed snow.. just the headstones and some very cold
baby angels...

And crosses..

The view over to the trees from the lodges window seat...

Saturday, January 31, 2009

I did a shoot for the Langley Arts Council at the FAT CITY SWING club last night
What a blast it was - Great place, wonderful people and a whole lot of fun..
check them out at ...
All these photos were taken without a flash and all done with the ambiant
light that was available in the hall.. There was not much.. hence the swirls
and lines that appear to fly out from the figures - every picture is a surprise
and every picture is not as you would imagine.. The designs are endless and
the action obvious...............

Swing music is wonderful to listen too.. very fast and action packed..
Great way to stay in shape too:-)