Monday, September 15, 2008


As I wander the various areas I shoot in I see the people...
Its real easy to be drawn too them... as photographic
subjects the human form is so expressive and varied.. as
these pictures will show - each one is special for its own reasons..
So many emotions are expressed and so many are
hidden... I have tried to capture a few.... all these candid
pictures are taken in public places - none are posed or planned..

The breeze and music .. she drifted away at the Harrison
Music Festival

Two talk on the Harrison beach..

Harrison festival 08.. the music was superb
and the weather was good.. it was a very
special, the bands were unique... and
the sights .. well those were very good too...

Another singer at the Harrison Festival and a great
Cajun style singer who really enjoys her music..

Another Harrision star..........................

The windows offer up an unusual face .. look up,
you never know who is watching you.....

Here is another image showing emotion...... I never did
see what was frightening her...

city girl.. always in a hurry - city face is on..

Carribean laughter - one happy dancing lady at the
Carribean Festival in MapleRidge...
another beautiful person enjoys the beach breeze at Harrison...

Standing Alone ....... at the music festival... saw this man
standing alone at the edge of the crowd.. and tried to capture his
solitary image...

3 faces of eve - great singer at the Maple Ridge Carribean

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detlef said...

Hi Paul !

You have a very creative and versatile portfolio. I totally enjoyed my visit here. To see so many Fabulous images all at once from you was a totall delight.
Thank You for sharing this amazing work !

Your friend detlef