Thursday, November 20, 2008

Mixed Bag

Here is a mixed bag of photos that I took on
various outings, camping trips and drive by while
at work.. no particular reason they are here other
than I like them... :-)

Cabin on a daffidol pond near Shulaps

Xmas window at Old Fort - Fort Langley

Rushing water is always a beauty in waiting,
just have to get that light and speed right !!

Found these seeds and put on the hood of my
white truck - midday shot - look like petrified
tadploes dont they?
Fort Langley at Xmas time - Window & Bench
this time

Logged out ! well I think it's funny!

Pearls all gone - black & white suited the somber mood

She guards the door - In Ottawa

Geoffs wooden canoe - yes its red too...

Seaweed in the Skumchuk waters

Agate Waters

Midnight Tree in North Vancouver

Snow Angel in Princeton

Fir at Night

Moonlight Trees in Ontario

Marina Sunset at Stewart Farm

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