Sunday, September 14, 2008


Flowers - So much frail beauty for such a short time...
What can I say that hasn't already been said about the
humble garden flower - the noble Rose - the mysterious Orchid - the wild flowers -
the fruit flowers... and some say weeds..
Year after year they all bring me such joy and pleasure as I try to get in close and
capture their delicate beauty and wonderful patterns.. each flower
is the start of life all over again.. another year..

I took this flower in a room in Revelstoke - put the flower
on a window sill - taken with all natural light..

Some Poppies found in the vintage graveyard in Likely
These adorn an 19th century gave - at the Quenell
Forks Ghost Town..

The elusive Tiger Lily - found high up in the
mountains of B.C.

This is a macro shot of the inside of a flower
well - the well was filled with rain water.. another
world of color and images are available in this
tiny world.. so much to explore..

Some Daisies in a field near 100 Mile House

This image is the inside of the Yucca plant - right
outside my front door...

Here I have used the HDR process to bring out
the hidden colors and textures that are there ..
just waiting to be discovered..

On a trip last year to the Bloedel Conservatory
I discovered Orchids of many kinds..
Here is the inside of one... this is a place you
should visit at least once a year ..

On the kitchen table.. a glass vase and a few cut flowers..
wild and not .. this is the flower I took the macro
of the well filled with water... see above..

In Lund - the last town before you drive into the sea
up the Sunshine Coast - you will find many flowers..
They grow so well there..

Growing in the dirt next to a busy street and sidewalk..
this little beauty grows.. just waiting to be noticed.. I did ..

Poppies galore.. every year at Stewart Farm.. another must
visit local place.. Crescent Beach..

There are so many - so different - so pretty..
in a field somewhere near Mission..

Lund - again - another town beauty welcomes you

Another Yucca - different light - this is my flashlight
set at one side ... on an overcast day...

Fields of flowers .. on the side of the highway.. way
up on the way to the Shulaps..

And the Lupins.. at every turn.. in many a mountain

And the Buttercups.. 1000's and 1000's blanket the
fields of B.C...

And the inside story again.. a bee's target area..

A Ghost Lily .. inside the Conservatory
in Burnaby.. one of the many wonders
to be found.. Birds too..
These tall pale colored flowers adorn the ditches
and sides of many roads all summer long.

A simple Daisy - all close up and personal...
Each tiny tiny yellow center is like a flower
in itself.. what perfection..

The same simple Daisy.. floating on a sea of black..
all taken in the wild with no help from my friends..
A different view of a Tiger.... again high up a
forest road .. just near Nakusp..

Bloedel Orchid.. all so very different .. so very exotic.

Once again.. The Orchid...

On the roadside to Horsefly.. near Likely .. near
100 Mile House .. near nowhere !!!
And again.......... nowhere particular

Another Poppy - This one at Stewart Farm.. You
really should go there.. so much to see...

Two little dirty drops of water .. clinging to the
beauty above..

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Kathy said...

Excellent website, Mr. Baker! Looking forward to seeing more of your work.